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“If you keep thinking about it, stop dreaming, do it!”

Adventurer on a mission

Adventurer • Speaker • Inspirator

Besides adventurer Mark is an entrepreneur, a fanatic sportsman and inspirator to many. During the presentations about his adventures, the preparations and hardships he shows his audience that one can achieve almost anything with the right mindset and perseverance.


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Mark sold his house to be able to participate in the Golden Globe Race. Moreover, his rowing boat Peanuts, with which he broke the world record, is for sale to be able to afford being part of the Golden Globe Race. Refitting and rebuilding his boat Maverick is very costly and labour intensive.

Mark has worked a lot on is boat himself, on one hand for safety reasons but also from a cost efficiency perspective. Furthermore, for participation of the race he needs to comply with many safety procedures and meet all the requirements (such as first aid, safety trainings, specific radio knowledge,

clothing for all weather circumstances, special food, equipment on board and proven trackrecord of sufficient nautical miles). After hundreds of hours of manual labour, various financial donations, support of volunteers, selling his house and boat the costs are still not covered yet.


Many people ask: "How can I support Mark?". Sailing the race is something he has to do solo so "jump on board and sail with me" is not an option.
However you can help Mark reaching his goal by making a donation via Gofundme. When you donate over Euro 100, your name will sail with him, in the boat, across the globe!

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If you want to support Mark with your company during his sail around the world you ensure worldwide publicity for your organization. Sponsoring Mark's adventures supports your company's marketing chances, motivates your staff and strengthens your position within the global field of sports and adventures.

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When Mavericks collide;
Mark Slats & Ohpen

Kindred spirits that like to overcome impossible challenges: That is how Mark Slats ended up with main sponsor Ohpen. However, impossible is not part of the vocabulary at Ohpen. The same applies for Mark.

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