Golden Globe Race 2018

Sailing like it's 1968

July 1st 2018 the Golden Globe Race 2018 started and Mark is one of the entrants. He departed from Les Sables-d’Olonne in France on his boat ‘Ohpen Maverick’ to sail solo, non-stop, around the world. This race will mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary Sunday Times Golden Globe race, in 1968 Sir Robin Knox Johnston was the only entrant to finish. This race is a tribute to Sir Robin Knox Johnston. The Golden Globe Race 2018 is very challenging as the entrants are only allowed to use instruments and equipment as from 1968 and before. 'Sail like it’s 1968'. The usage of modern electronics such as autopilot and GPS are strictly prohibited. The participants need to navigate with their sextant, one small mistake may result in major consequences. As modern equipment is not allowed Mark cannot bring his Ipod, Ipad or Iphone to listen to music, the only option is to use old school cassettes! For taking picture or recording videos Mark is obliged to use instruments dating from the past, he will bring an old fashioned Super 8 camera to record parts of his journey!

One race, 19 sailors
The maximum of 19 participating boats all refer to the Suhaili, the winning boat of Sir Robin Know Johnston. These boats have a minimum weight of 6,5 ton and a length between 32 and 36 feet. These yachts are designed prior to 1988 and have a full-length keel with rudder attached to their trailing edge. Mark’s Maverick is the first Rustler 36 built, other boats participating such as the Tradewind 35, Cape Dory 36, Rustler 36, Westsail 32, Biscay 36, Aries 32 and Bowman 36.

‘Do not only have dreams, also make your dreams reality.’
Mark sold his house to be able to participate in the Golden Globe Race. Moreover, his rowing boat Peanuts, with which he broke the world record, is for sale to be able to afford being part of the Golden Globe Race. Mark has personally been involved in getting his Maverick ready; first, as it saved him money and second off all to be sure that his boat is in perfect condition to withstand the extreme conditions in for instance the South Pacific.

DIscover maverick


Mark's participation in the Golden Globe Race is linked to his charity, sailing4cancer. His mother is severely ill. With Mark's sailing4cancer charity he'll raise funds for the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation enabling better access to expensive medicines for treatment of cancer. The aimed amount is Euro 50.000. Do you want to support Mark during his race ? Please make your donation here and contribute!

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