Update Dick Koopmans #4

2018 August 17

The tracker showed a 'Yo-Yo effect' caused by calms on the route to Cape Town. During the last few days Mark was not lucky but looking at his position I don't think he lost miles on Jean Luc on the long term. Gregor and Are Wiig (I got some comments on the missing i last time, sorry for that, I took it from the GGR site) shortened their distance to Mark.

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Update #3

Update Dick Koopmans #3

2018 August 10

Most people will have seen a strange leader board. I put a waypoint in at 44 south some distance east of Cape Town. This will be for most boat the direction. See maps below. Mind that it is not allowed to sail south of 45 degree.

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Complete live encouter vlogger Andries Bik and Mark

2018 August 10

Watch the entire live session of Andries Bik and Mark during the media drop-off at Rubicon Lanzarote. This is a good example of the power of social media today. Vlogger Andries Bik responded to a call on Facebook from Hogenbirk Support. Andries sailed from Fuerta Ventura towards Mark, talked to him on VHF and made cool video footage.

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Update Dick Koopmans #2

2018 August 4

Mark persist on his westerly position. In general this is the standard route with favourable conditions. However, it is a risk to stay that far from your competitors. If his competitors have luck Mark is not in a position to share this luck with them.

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Update Dick Koopmans #1

2018 July 28

Before the start it was more important to keep the boat undamaged than to be the first over the line. Mark did a good job on this especially since it is against his nature not to be first.

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A third of the fleet is, only 18 days after the start, no longer in the race 

2018 July 19

While the leading group in the Golden Global Race - Philippe Peché, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede and Mark Slats - are trying to sail the doldrums as well as possible, the fleet of originally eighteen participants darts pretty well. A third of the fleet is no longer in the race 18 days after the start.

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Unexpected visit at sea from Dutch vlogger Andries Bik

2018 July 12

Before the first media drop-off at Lanzarote Dutch entrant Mark Slats hears : 'Ohpen Maverick, Ohpen Maverick, this is the Seahorse' on the radio. Slats is currently sailing at Lanzarote on the Canary Islands and does not know his own position. The call appears to be from the Dutch vlogger Andries Bik who sails around the Canary Islands with his ship The Seahorse.  Read more for video footage. Photo: Christophe Favreau

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Mark's 'secret' weapon in the Golden Globe Race 2018

2018 July 5

Fiona McGlynn Good Old Boat Magazine had an interview with Mark in Les Sables d'Olonne, a couple of days before the start of the Golden Globe Race 2018

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Start GGR2018

Mark Slats started his solo nonstop circumnavigation in the Golden Globe Race 

2018 July 1

Sundaymorning the 1st of July Mark walked the pontoon and said farewell to all his fellow skippers in the Golden Globe Race 2018. A couple of skippers said ‘I’ll follow you’' because Mark set the tone in the SITraN charity challenge two weeks ago. After saying farewell to family and friends Mark had to be on his boat ‘Ohpen Maverick’.

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Team Mark Slats SITraN

First in the SITraN Charity Challenge

2018 June 18

Dutchman Mark Slats, finished first in the SITraN Charity Challenge, the first stage of the 50th anniversary of the Golden Globe Race.

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Main sponsor for Mark in the Golden Globe Race

2018 June 4

Mark Slats secures Ohpen as main sponsor for new adventure, The Golden Globe Race 2018

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prof. dr. Bernards - Slats

Cheque € 44.321,- for cancer research prof.dr. Bernards AVL

2018 May 29

Mark Slats, row4cancer, handed over a € 44.231,- cheque to prof. Dr. René Bernhards for cancer research of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis.

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Harry Mens

Mark in Dutch TV show Business Class with Harry Mens

2018 May 27

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Six weeks to go

03 mei 2018

In 6 weeks The Golden Globe Race 2018 starts in Les Sables d'Olonne, France. The non-stop, solo race is a tribute to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who won the very first Golden Globe Race in 1968. With his boat Suhaili Sir Robin Knox-Johnston sailed around the world in 312 days  solo. He was the only participant who finished in 1969. On July 1st Mark Slats will be the only Dutchman participating in the race. 

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