Fighting the elements & fighting for Sailing4cancer

2018 December 2nd | Golden Globe Race

MARK DID IT !!! Fighting the elements he rounded Cape Horn today and is now on his way 'home' to Les Sables d'Olonne Agglomération. His goal is still to be the first boat in LSDO. His other goal during the race is to help people who are fighting against cancer.

A BIG THANK YOU to the people who made a donation to SAILING4CANCER already . Much appreciated

In Hobart Mark was told  his charity received € 2.500,- till then. He asked for your support. Now at Cape Horn his charity received €4.490,- . Mark's goal is to collect €50.000,- during the Golden Globe Race . Mark has still 6.935 nautical miles to go till the finish. We all can support him to beat Jean Luc Van Den Heede by making his second goal possible.

€ 50.000 -/- € 4.490 = € 45.510 to go > Mark GGR2018
€ 45.510 / 9635 miles = € 6,66 /mile to go> Sailing4cancer

If you want to support Mark from outside The Netherlands pls feel free ! The website is only in Dutch (unfortunately) But you can support Mark & Sailing4cancer!

Go to and click 'DONEER NU' = donate now and fill in the form.

Donatiebedrag = your amount in €
Voornaam = your name
Achternaam = your surname
E-mailadres = your e-mail
Straat= Plesmanlaan (address of the charity)
Huisnummer = 121(address of the charity)
Postcode = 1066 CX (address of the charity)
Plaats = Amsterdam (address of the charity)
Bericht = Here you can write a message if you want