Message from the Chief Officer on the ship Protegat

2018 December 5th | Golden Globe Race

'I am the Chief Officer on the ship Protegat. We are close to Falkland Islands.I have just spoken to Mark on board Ohpen Maverick. He was sailing well and his yacht looked good. He sounded in good spirits and we had a very enjoyable and informative conversation. He told me that he is feeling good and we all hope that he catches the Frenchman!! Please find attached two photos taken from our ship this afternoon northwest of Falkland Islands. Maverick was 5 kilometres away so photos are not great but you can see he has good sail up and was going well. Mark said that he had his 130% genoa and a reefed mainsail. The genoa is his good sail and he using it now and is going well. He hopes that the photos can be put on his website. All the best !'

Angus M. Macleod |Protegat