The Golden Globe race 2018 - Sailing like it's 1968

In 6 weeks The Golden Globe Race 2018 starts in Les Sables d'Olonne, France. The non-stop, solo race is a tribute to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who won the very first Golden Globe Race in 1968. With his boat Suhaili Sir Robin Knox-Johnston sailed around the world in 312 days  solo. He was the only participant who finished in 1969. On July 1st Mark Slats will be the only Dutchman participating in the race. 

Sailing like it's 1968. Technology developed after 1968 may not be used. Competitors must sail in production boats between 32ft and 36ft overall (9.75 – 10.97m) designed prior to 1988 that have a full-length keel with rudder attached to their trailing edge. These yachts are heavily built, strong and sturdy, similar in concept to Sir Robin’s 32ft vessel Suhaili. You can only participate if you have sailed more than 8,000 nautical miles, of which at least 2000 miles solo. This anniversary edition of the Golden Globe Race is a celebration of the original event, the winner, his boat and that significant world-first achievement. Competitors in this race will be sailing simple boats using basic equipment to guarantee a satisfying and personal experience. The challenge is pure and very raw, placing adventure ahead of winning at all costs. It is for ‘those who dare’, just as it was for Sir Robin. They will be navigating with sextant on paper charts, without electronic instruments or autopilots. They will hand-write their logs and determine the weather for themselves. Only occasionally will they talk to loved ones and the outside world when long-range high frequency and ham radios allow. It is now possible to race a monohull solo around the world in under 80 days, but sailors entered in this race will spend around 300 days at sea in little boats, challenging themselves and each other.

Another 6.5 weeks until the start
The pressure is increasing. The start is July 1st but on June 7, Mark leaves The Netherlands for Falmouth (UK) for the run-up to the race. All ships gather in Cornwall for the Suhaili Parade of Sail. On June 14, the ships sail from Falmouth UK to Les Sables d'Olonne in France in the SITraN Challenge Race. The last two weeks of June are used for instructions, safety inspections and the latest technical adjustments.

Stay up to date about Mark's race?
During the race you can stay up to date about Mark's position (adventures >> Golden Globe Race) at this website. The messages that Mark sends out are also shared here at the newspage. So come back regularly and follow Mark's accounts on Facebook @markslatsadventure and Instagram @ markslats77 for the latest news!

Press release   : Karen Hogenbirk | Hogenbirk Support

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