Update Dick Koopmans #1

Golden Globe Race 2018

Before the start it was more important to keep the boat undamaged than to be the first over the line. Mark did a good job on this especially since it is against his nature not to be first.

To Finistere he had good tactics by avoiding the risk of being trapped in a calm close to shore. He did the same along the Portuguese coast. You can gain a little by taking the risk of sailing into a calm, but you can loose much more.

I assume he used less diesel than the others, I hope so at least. From Cape Verde he made much more west than the rest. This might work out well if he gets better and more wind later, but it is a bit of a risk to have a position that far from the others.

Philippe Peche seems to have the best tactics so far but he might have used more diesel. I think in this stage the more south the better. All boats will go west of the St Helena high pressure. Philippe is then first and Mark second. Philippe will have a better wind angle while Mark will have more wind. We will see in the coming week! I will try to write an analysis every Friday.