Update Dick Koopmans #11

Golden Globe Race

Can Jean- Luc continue? After Jean Lucs rig problems I did some investigations. It would be good if he can make repairs and stay in the race. He has some options! On Jean Luc's mast the bolt that connects the rigging and runs trough the mast has moved some 5 cm trough the mast profile.This is not a damage that I would have predicted. One good thing is that we can learn about the forces on small yachts in races like this. Other good news for Jean Luc is that he might find a way to make repairs. I talked with Tuned ropes & rigs to see if the same damage can happen to Mark and what solutions there are. The difference with Mark's mast is that Mark has an internal reinforcement which doubles the area were the bolt runs trough.

For Jean Luc the solution might be to lower the position of the bolt another 5 cm. The problem then is that the rigging is too long so it is not possible to put tension back on it. He can solve it by fasten the rigging to the aluminium toe rail instead of the chain plates. The toe rail is a bolted rail that also acts as the hull-deck connection. It is not designed for it but will hold the loads as long as you don’t push the boat. Another solution is to make a connection to the spreaders and leave the position as it is. For Mark's mast this would have been a good option but Jean Luc's mast has a different spreader design and for him this might be too weak. If Jean Luc has the right tools and material I'm sure that he will try to fix it. It will slow him down but he has a good lead so it will make the race more interesting.