Update Dick Koopmans #14

2019 January 19th | Golden Globe Race

Azores high, dilemmas for the skippers. The finish is in sight and tactics seems to be decisive. Now messages can't be send via hamradio (the illegal channels of both Mark and Jean-Luc are boycotted) anymore, 'luck' will become more important. Shifting the areas without wind can never be predicted exactly and can not be predicted at all without good information. But it will be decisive for the speed and course to follow.

The boat with the most diesel left or the largest oars has an advantage. The engine may be used up to 250 miles before the finish. According to the tracker, the boats are at the same distance to the finish, but Jean-Luc is more westerly and therefore has a better position to sail around the Azores.

However, if you don't want to sail much distance, you will get little wind from behind. That is a slow course. Jean Luc does not have much choice. He has made the western decision before. Mark can choose to stay on the east side. He will have more headwinds but it's the fastest course in less wind. Depending on his diesel stock, he can also row or use his motor through the high pressure area.

Where Jean Luc used his diesel on his way to Spain, he might not have enough right now. Gambling on results of the race is prohibited according to the GGR rules, but I would not know on which boat I should put my money. It will be an exciting final battle!