Update Dick Koopmans #15

2019 January 26th | Golden Globe Race

The Golden Globe Race is nearly finished. Jean Luc and Mark have made it a real race and will after 200 days finish in less than two days from each other. It looks as if team Jean Luc Van Den Heede will win. Looking back the most important thing was to be in the right place at the right time. Jean Luc was just a few days ahead at Cape of Good Hope and sailed into a different weather system. By doing so he had a lead of over 2000 miles on Mark in Hobart. Mark had a lead of 600 miles on Uku Randmaa Golden Globe Race 2018 in Hobart. Right now Jean Luc has a lead of less than 300 miles on Mark and Mark has a lead of over 3000 miles on Uku. Just sailing in different weather systems shows the importance of being in the right place at the right time.

Looking at Are, Loïc Lepage, Abhilash Tommy, Gregor McGuckin and Susie Goodall you also need some luck. A good skipper can make the risk smaller but if you are rolled over by a wave all boats can have big damage.

Although it is a race without assistance, there is a lot of assistance allowed. Jean- Luc had the best preparation and has support from his team from start to finish. Very detailed weather information and positions of the other boats were sent to him on a daily base. We just did not have the time nor the money to get this organised, it was all about getting the boat ready. It took us a few months and only around Cape of Good Hope we could send the same sort of info to Mark that Jean-Luc had from the start. But preparation is an important part of the race and Jean-Luc beat our shore team here. Because of this, Mark lost a lot but nearly overtook Jean-Luc by sailing faster.