Update Dick Koopmans #2

Golden Globe Race 2018

Mark persist on his westerly position. In general this is the standard route with favourable conditions. However, it is a risk to stay that far from your competitors. If his competitors have luck Mark is not in a position to share this luck with them.

But I think Mark doesn't mind taking some risk in this stage in the race. He knows his boat is fast and because of the restriction of going north of 45 degree, the Southern Ocean will mainly mean sailing between 43 and 45 degree south. Boatspeed will be the most important factor and we know for sure that Mark will push her.

Did you know that in a lot of ocean races it is possible to come from behind, making 20 % faster speed if the circumstances are favourable to finish first? It means that all boats still have possibilities to be first. You see Gregor Mc Guckin is doing the same route as Mark. He seems to have more profit from it. That is the adventure of this race, different boats different skippers different routes. Gregor has two masts. This is, at this stage an advantage but not in the Southern Ocean.