Update Dick Koopmans #4

Golden Globe Race

The tracker showed a 'Yo-Yo effect' caused by calms on the route to Cape Town. During the last few days Mark was not lucky but looking at his position I don't think he lost miles on Jean Luc on the long term. Gregor and Are Wiig (I got some comments on the missing i last time, sorry for that, I took it from the GGR site) shortened their distance to Mark. Unfortunately Philippe is out of the Golden Globe class but I hope he gets the problems solved in Cape Town and will still have a good race in the Chichester class. Looking at his navigation, he still might finish in the leading group.
I wonder how the skippers will experience the excitement and challenge of the Southern Ocean. If you think some equipment is not in good order, Cape Town is the last possibility to stop and make repairs. If it is for safety reasons it is an easy choice. Otherwise it will be a calculation between time lost in a stop or time lost due to missing boat speed. In practice you can sail the 4500 miles to Hobart in a good boat with a 150 miles daily average and it will take 30 days. If there are sails damaged or you have a not properly working windvane that restricts the amount of sail you might only do 135 miles and it will take 33 days. For several boats a 3 day stop might be in favour.

I predict a total sailing time of 220 days. Mark has a text from me inside the boat that we will see him back on 7 February. On this schedule I calculate 73 days to Cape Town (12 September). Most boats will arrive earlier so we will see how the progress will develop. I'll make a clear sheet with only the results from the calculations soon. See picture from the cabin inside.

Dick Koopmans