Update Dick Koopmans #5

Golden Globe Race

I had my own sailing in an attempt to break the 75 miles record and some work during the weekend so I was unable to make my weekly comment on Friday. Mark is now in the Southern Ocean with lots of wind. Because they are ahead of schedule it's winter out there with storms and bad weather.

Mark reports several knockdowns. This means the boat is more or less at 90 degree heel with the mast just touching the sea. The boat is stable till 145 degree (with the mast 45 degree under water) so at 90 degree she will come back within seconds. But living inside is hard and outside you have to be careful.

With winds over 30 knots it's more important to keep the boat intact than sailing fast. Best 24 hr averages is most easy reached at 18-25 knots of wind (5-6 Bf). Mark has to know his boat first in these circumstances before he can push her. I hope he will have a steep learning curve here and that average speed will go up during the next days.

I promised a schedule last week. From Les Sables d'Ollonne to Cape Town 73 days predicted Actual 57 days. To Hobart predicted 109 days. To Cape Horn 158 days and back to Les Sables d'Olonne 220 days. There have been less calms and a shorter route than expected till Cape Town. To Hobart and Cape Horn the route can't be shorter than my schedule because it's calculated with the shortest possible route. In my calculations Cape Town was not a point, the point is a few hundred miles south of it.

Dick Koopmans