Voicememo Mark #12

2018 December 12th | Golden Globe Race

Here’s an update from me on board since Cape Horn. The first days were actually different every day. There was a lot of wind, there was no wind and I had headwinds. Every day something happened, almost everything happened, so I was pretty busy. Actually the last few weeks before Cape Horn I was scanning weather reports on the SSB radio almost every night because at night the range was better. Every two hours actually a did something. So I did not have much sleep at night and I had a bit rest during the day. I'm still not over it now. I still don’t sleep that much at night and I do sleep more during the day. But that will be fine again.

 On board everything is well and it gets warmer again at night. Actually, I had no cold feet for the last two days and I wearing a T-shirt. It’s very strange to expose my arms again. I have not seen them in the last months because I was always wearing a sweater. So that’s very special. I’m really looking forward to … in another 4-5 days I can start fishing. I already  did some fishing but I didn’t catch a fish at all. There are still a lot of birds over here so I'm afraid I will catch a bird instead, I cannot wait too long because they are very interested in it. I hope in a few more days the weather will be more tropical.

 It is just like the last time I was over here it’s hard. Because you want ... in your mind, you round Cape Horn,  then you turn left and then you’re on your way home. But once you rounded Cape Horn you realize that you still have a lot of miles to go. And then you notice that your emotions go up and down a lot. If the winds is hard, I can sail hard and everything goes very well, everything is perfect. But if there is no wind, it’s pretty annoying. But that is part of it. Part of the race.
It is the last part pf the race. I do everything to sail as hard as I can, as you might have seen lately. If there is a lot of wind, I am hand steering a lot. It is just a bit more secure and then I can sail a bit faster. I still try to be quite reticent and sometimes I sail with less sail so the boat and sails stays intact.
Nevertheless, I notice that things are broken. Last week one of the winches on the mast was broken and the mainsail was torn, my jib was torn. Everything starts to get a bit up anyway. But everything is well repaired now, only the winch is not. But I still had a new winch ... So … I hope to be in the trade wind soon. There are variable winds over here, I really hope that I will keep the wind that I have. I want wind or half wind, but I have to go through the high pressure system and then I have to find the trade winds quickly. The moment I find them, I’ll have a fairly steady crossing of the equator. The trade winds are now still 1000-1200 miles away, maybe even more. That still will be a big thing. I hope this update is clear. I'll speak to you later, bye bye!