Voicememo Mark #13

2018 December 15th | Golden Globe Race

Hi, here’s a message from me. All goes well on board. I had really bad weather last night. I had 35-40 knots of headwinds. Yesterday it was the first time in this race that I stopped sailing for two hours or so. Then I tacked with very little sail and went towards the Northeast again. But then I also had a huge sea from the Northeast so I still could not go fast. In fact I could only make some boatspeed late in the morning. So that was very annoying and very painful. Especially if you want to overtake miles of course.

 What I found out this week .... Since Cape Horn I had pain in my stomach, I was suffering from diarrhea. I actually thought that it was from Robin Knox Johnston’s cake. But I was eating Weetabix in the morning, and then I was suddenly chewing on something very dirty. And I thought what is that? Then I saw a very large green lump so I smelled the milk powder and I found out that the milk powder was completely rotten which I am eating from before rounding Cape Horn  every day. That was very annoying. And now that I don’t take the milk powder anymore, I have no pain in my stomach at all, so that is super relaxed.

Furthermore, it becomes tropical warm. I'm wearing my T-shirt and shorts now, so no more winter clothes. Last night in the storm, the spray hood has broken again and is knocked off the boat by a wave. Not normal how many waves came over the deck tonight. A few times I just came off the deck when we fell off a wave. I think the sea was 5 meters. Well, I hope you can make something of this update, speak to you later! Bye Bye!