Voicememo Mark #14

2018 December 18th | Golden Globe Race

️Hi here’s a small update from me. I just caught my first fish! A delicious Dorade or Mahi Mahi. It's in cockpit now. He has to wait. This is really perfect because I did not eat lunch today because I knew I was going to catch a fish. I did the same yesterday, I was sure that I would catch one yesterday but finally I did not. But today the fish is finally in the cockpit,this is absolutely fantastic. I'm really enjoying it. I have preserved butter, I still have 4 packs of butter so I’ll prepare that fish in butter. I'm hungry, you really don’t wanna know how hungry I am.

Yesterday I was really sunburned, incredible * & ^%. I had a bad night. Headwinds, banging in to the wind with 25 knots of wind so that was not relaxed. I had forgotten to apply sun protection on my shoulder and my leg. I have two big red spots, my skin is completely thick there and I do even have blisters on my skin. Very annoying. And when you lie in bed and you sweat , the sweat constantly goes in those blisters, really very annoying. But I'm going to use my sun protection better tomorrow. I already do use it better now. I really need to look better when I put it on. From one day to another it became 100% tropical. Thirty degrees Celcius it’s not normal. On the other side it’s also nice again but my fan is also broken so I cannot sleep with the small fan above my head, so that is annoying. However, sea water destroyed it during the storm in the Indian Ocean. Well okay, I'll talk to you later!

Mark and his dog Sammy during his solo circumnavigation 'Oceans to Cross' in 2005