Voicememo Mark #16

2019 January 3rd | Golden Globe Race

I've crossed the equator and I just caught a Marlin. I have caught a Marlin of a meter and a half long. A fat boy , not normal. The cockpit is covered in blood, it looks like a slaughterhouse. I filleted the Marlin and for sure it's the most beautiful orange-like meat. Really It's even better than Tuna really, it's not normal. I have around eight kilo's in total.

So I'm going to eat it right away. I have not had lunch today, and I do not have dinner yet. Now I have lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch for tomorrow and also fish for tomorrow night, so that's really great. Furthermore everything goes well on board.

Photo: Christophe Favreau | Christophe Favreau Photography