Voicememo Mark #17

2019 January 11nd | Golden Globe Race

Today is the 11th. I went over the equator on January 2nd. I sailed in 31 days from Cape Horn to the equator. I think it’s quite a good performance. I had saved diesel for when I was there, but in the end I only used the engine for four hours from Cape Horn to the equator. And actually that was just in between, when it was even not necessary, just used the engine to charge the batteries a bit and keep the engine going.

In the doldrums I had a lot of thunderstorms, the wind changed many times but luckily there was always wind. In the doldrums I used the engine for 4-5 and hours and 4 or 5 times I had lightning strikes very close to the boat during the thunderstorm. I think it was about 500 meters from my boat. I saw it happen once.

I also caught that big fish. And now, now I am super focused. I am hand steering a lot. I try to keep the boat up to speed. Yesterday I went into the water, I had a lot of fouling on the boat,  a lot of barnacles and I was not happy with that. Yesterday I had 20-25 knots of wind, I could not really clean it, I cleaned a bit but not that much. But I went straight into the water. Tomorrow when we have less wind, I will immediately clean the boat again and then continue.

Now that Jean-Luc is sailing in a calm, my chances are getting bigger and bigger. For me that’s cool and it gives me a lot of energy and I am foolishly driven to sail hard and get everything out of it. I know every now and then the speeds are disappointing for you but for example last night, I also sailed into a wind still twice. T that moment I only make 2 knots for 30 minutes. And those are annoying moments but then I will steer by hand to get the maximum out of it because then the wind vane will not work very well. So it is actually just right. It just goes well. I'm busy. I can’t say much about my estimated time of arrival yet but if there are no more headwinds we can say a more accurately.
For the time being I have been sailing for 10 days, o no 8 days close to the wind, as tight as possible, so that is possible. Sometimes it is very heavy. Sometimes it is very hard days with beech and heels against the wind and the water on the deck. But luckily those days are constantly alternated by very nice days so again that’s nice. Well I hope  for now you know enough again. I'll speak to you later, bye bye!
Photo: Christophe Favreau | Christophe Favreau Photography