Voicememo Update Mark #1

2018 September 28th | Golden Globe Race

Here an update from me. Fortunately, I had a whole day of sun again. Everything starts to dry at ease and everything goes well on board. My food is all good. Really, I'm so glad that we stored the milk powder in plastic bags because they drifted into the boat here and they all stayed dry, special. In the end, only 4 pounds of flour got wet and I threw them away.

Cans are rusting incredibly fast now. I have injected them all with a little WD40. I decided to eat the cans first now. One can was rusted so much in one day, I quickly ate it but it was rusted through in one day. So I'm going to eat all that first. I still 30 cans left, I want to eat these before I reach Cape Horn. The freeze-dried meals I eat when the weather is bad or when I do not feel like cooking. Just put some water in it and go, BAM. So well those bags are all good, nothing wrong with that.

The bags Jimmy Joy are all super well packed in plastic, there is nothing wrong with that. I must say very honestly I do not eat very much Jimmy Joy because I have very little water. Water is a big problem. We have too little rain. And the rain we have is with 40 knots of wind and then you cannot catch water because then we also have a lot of salt on board, lots of seawater over the sails. I am very limited in rainwater; I have caught approximately 100 liters. I still do not have enough to get to the Cape. That is a thing, but I'm going to catch some water again.

I have shaved my beard, he started to itch. It’s growing back already it’s pretty long. But not quite top yet. And I also cut my hair. It became so dirty and so long. I just cut it off with scissors. It does not look great at all. But nobody that sees me here. I have not seen a boat since the coast of Brazil. Well a few boats but not very much. Furthermore, the messages I receive are super nice, I like it a lot.

Furthermore, we just sail hard. I'm still a bit behind of Jean Luc. But uh we're just going; I have a plan and we're just going to catch up with that man. My radio is doing well. I just do not have a screen anymore and the volume only goes full. Furthermore, it just works so I am happy. There is a bag of rice in the back that keeps everything dry. I will speak to you later. Bye!