Voicememo Update Mark #1

2018 September 15th | Golden Globe Race

'Here's an update from the Maverick. We had a very big storm last week. But it all went well. I've seen two really big waves but uhm, all is well. I actually sailed 16 hours without sails, so purely on the mast and still made an average of 6.5 - 7 knots. So that was bizarre. It's very clear that when there's wind from the North ,the waves are not too bad,they are only 2-3 meters. But if there's any wind from the West it builds up to 5-6 meters and the boat is immediately thrown in all directions. We're currently sailing 40 knots at midnight with waves over the boat. But it is actually a fairly quiet night, with good sailing. I haven't slept for 3 nights in that storm, and I actually slept well last night so that is cool. And now the wind has decreased slightly to 30 knots this afternoon and now it is increasing again to 35 knots now.

Tomorrow the wind will be less. In the meantime I've to hold on well, otherwise I will be thrown out of the boat. And tomorrow it will be less, tomorrow night the wind will be a little less. We are all really surviving, including Gregor, Tommy and Uku. They tell me what kind of weather they have so I know that I keep them behind me. Running out is difficult in this situation. The boats are all sailing with the same speed in these kind of storms, it's just surviving. I think I'll slow down in the storm and that they will push a bit more, if you have a smaller mast or two masts you might push a bit more. I'll sail little faster when the weather is less. All fine here'