Voicememo Update Mark #4

2018 October 14th | Golden Globe Race

Hello, hi there, Here a message from me again. The last 14-15 days have been the heaviest so far. Everyone thinks that the storms are heavy, but the calms are much heavier. It’s much more work. It all started just at the beginning of the month. Around 30 September the wind left but there was still a lot of sea. After 2 or 3 days and a few times really no wind at all , the sea was flatter. When you sail with your Spinnaker you are busy day and night. I have had it for almost 4 days.

Just before I set up the Spinnaker I went into the water to clean the bottom. I was incredibly surprised how many barnacles were attached on the bottom of the boat. I was really happy that I went into the water in the calmness. I needed 1.5 - 2 hours to clean the bottom. First cleaned the boat with a filling knife all around, after that I used sandpaper and then I cleaned with a scourer. I came out of the water like an ice cube, the water is really freezing cold and that really hurts your forehead but after fifteen minutes you're used to it. That is also nice again. Further busy in the water, everything quickly fast, cleaning everything and back and forth. When I got out there was just enough wind to sail again. Then I actually set up the spinnaker. I used it for 100 hours. So I have not slept for 100 hours just naps of fifteen minutes.

It’s nice that I have had a lot of sun. That was really great. I spent a lot of days just outside in the cockpit. You can hardly believe it, but it was so good. By the way, going into the water, I had a suit and everything on it. I was really happy with the suit I had from Magic Marine. The suit was really perfect. I put on the gloves of the survival suit. Really great. Really a very good situation to wear, really a perfect suit. I was happy with it.
After 8 days little wind and no wind. Stopped a few times at night. Twice, at night I did 4-5 hours nothing at all. In those hours I have also become kind of scientist. There were all kinds of jellyfish around the boat. And those jellyfish looked like a cucumber. Very special, very cool. I had never seen those things before. I also caught one after a lot of trouble and had him on board. It is very funny to see. And it’s strange that three days later all those things left. And then three days later I had a kind of other jellyfish next to the boat. They have the shape of squid and when you shine on them it is as if their entrails were lighting up. Very special. In the calm wind I suddenly had a whale next to the boat, really super cool. He just came to take a quick glance and then left again.
Now I have NE wind. That’s a bit annoying. It’s especially boring, sailing clause hauled is boring. It is mainly chopping. The boat comes loose and then it falls down again. Sleeping is very difficult because I wake up from the waves every time. Sometimes it quiet for 15 minutes but then you have waves again and  the boat comes loose again. That’s not an ideal situation.
I can tell you, ‘things are not for free’ this moment of the race. It’s annoying. Fortunately, I make progress. I am not going that fast, but, I make an average of 5 knots. I sailed for 5 days claused hauling and then yesterday, the wind .... Yesterday, at night the wind turned to the East 5 knots, almost no wind, then the wind turned to the North, then back to the West. For the first time in 15-16 days I’ve very good wind now. I don’t know for how long. I do have south wind now, I am sailing half wind. I do 5 knots, it’s super nice. This morning I had another whale next to the boat. Not very close, I think at 100 meters, but I saw him laugh and spit very clearly. Spitting out water and air.

Furthermore, a low-pressure area has passed over me. That has given a lot of rain last night. As a result, I have been able to catch 70 liters of water. I have been busy all night with jerry cans and buckets to catch water. At one point I was on deck and even had a bucket under the jib to also catch water there. I was able to catch another 10 liters. It's nice to be able to drink just a little bit more. I even took the luxury this morning to brush my teeth with fresh water. I did that one time before, when I also caught 60 liters of water in the Atlantic. So that's just as good. Almost at Hobart. I hope it is not too bad, I do not look forward at Hobart. I would rather have just sailed through. It may sound strange, but I am here in my own world and eh. Yes, it has not taken part in the last time. It is just a tough period. It is the toughest period I am experiencing now. It sounds very weird but it makes sense to just continue. Continue with the race. But then again, I do not have a map of Hobart anymore, so that will be exciting also. A very big dirty card because of the water in the boat. I got some positions from the lighthouses so I make ‘a map’ myself. And then it might be a bit ... ah well we’ll see. I'll talk to you later. Bye!