Voicememo update Mark #7

2018 November 2nd | Golden Globe Race

️Everything goes well on board. I'm busy and I'm making miles. And with this pace I can be in Cape Horn at the end of November or the first week of December. Of course It is still a long way to go and still anything can happen when there’s no wind at all. If I get a period of no wind as in Australia then it becomes a completely different story.

But for now I have a 7-day weather forecast that looks good with good wind and occasional wind still but that is not so bad. I also try to row but it almost never works. If the sea is too rough and I do not row well enough with that oar once, then I lie on my back in the cockpit. So I do not row that often.

But coincidentally it was very calm when I sailed under New Zealand. Really a very flat sea. So I then rowed for 2 hours and then I used the engine for 2 hours, and repeated that the whole night. That went pretty well. I also felt satisfied afterwards. So that was absolutely fantastic. Furthermore, just busy and popping.

I used the engine for a total of 40 -50 hours max. I still have 90 liters of fuel on board now. I want to save the fuel for the Atlantic. But I have decided that if I get in wind calms in the Pacific then I will occasionally turn on the engine. I just want to get out of the Pacific, make miles and be in the Atlantic. Furthermore, I have counted all the food on board. I think I'm getting pretty empty. In any case, I have enough. I now have 3 meals a day for 100 days. So that's all right. I am enjoying everything. I also had two seals near the boat when I was just above Bounty Island and now I only have birds again. Well that was it for now, speak to you later, bye bye!