Voicememo update Mark #8

2018 November 24th | Golden Globe Race

 Here’s message from me, I hope you can understand because it’s a bit noisy. The range with Ian is getting worse. Nothing was possible in the last days. Holy shit! But it works for now. I have a lot of wind, the last four days I had a lot of wind. About 30-40 knots on a constant base. You know what kind of wind force I have when it’s 30-40 knots. Plus 5 and divided by 5 so I do have an average wind force 0f 7-9 with 7-9 meter waves. So it is very rough on board but the boat goes well. It’s wet outside. I can hardly go outside. It is a bit heavy these days, and it is cold, really cold. Right now I’m shivering from the cold. But you know, I have a jug, so when I go to bed I fill the jug with hot water and take it with me. Then I get it warm again very quickly. Furthermore, things are going well. I sail with 3 reefs in the mainsail and the storm jib, actually already for 4 days now. Occasionally I put the mainsail down and I only sail on the storm jib. It just goes well. It is very rough, there comes a lot of water over the boat constantly. I sail to the southeast and have a southwest swell. So the swell is 90 degrees on the boat. And every hour I have a big wave that breaks over the boat. Going over the deck completely but it’s not dangerous. I am not beaten by it, so that makes a difference. So yes, we just go on and on. Although I have to do this up to Cape Horn that does not matter for me. I have to make miles every day. I'm actually working on that now. I just cannot sail harder. I would like to sail harder but I just cannot put more sail up because then the boat will be out of control with the big waves. Well, I'll talk to you later, bye!