a new world record and overall winner twac2020

After 32 days, 22 hours and 13 minutes we finished this morning in Antigua. Officially becoming the overall winner of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge edition 2020/2021. And breaking the standing record in the pairs segment with 5 days!

Three major milestones:

- Overall winner of the TWAC2020/2021

- New world record in the pairs segment

- First in the Open class

Photo credits: Atlantic Campaigns

Check out this amazing video of our arrival (5h local time):

Video credits: Atlantic Campaigns/Andreas Galagaard

And then a search the difference test:


Can you tell? Yes, my right arm is in a different position. The Skye trophy is higher in the air in the second picture. Check the numbers on the board... when we were announced as winners it stated 32 days, 18 hours and 13 minutes. Atlantic Campaigns made an honest mistake, they forgot to adjust the time of the tracker to Antigua time. You can tell by my face I was less enthusiastic the second time holding that cup haha. But seriously, we are very proud of what we have accomplished this race. The last days we set goals for ourselves. And the final goal was to stay under 33 days. Checked that box!

The last days at the ocean were hard. Lots of rain, high swells, rough seas, less time to sleep because you were soaking wet entering your cabin. Check out these amazing shots, made by Support Yacht Skye, who paid us a visit.

I'm glad they took these pictures, as it gives a realistic view of what rowing an ocean means. This is it for now, more updates will follow shortly.

Writing this post the amount of donations raised is € 61.334, which is amazing and so close to our target amount. Please keep on donating, so we raise our target amount of € 65.000. Donate via https://row4cancer.mvdwfoundation.nl/doneren.

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