after movie Winners TWAC2020 - that's us!

Please enjoy the video below edited by the organization of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, Atlantic Campaigns. Totally awesome!

Video credits: Atlantic Campaigns

Such an amazing race, an amazing time and team effort to reflect upon. After working so hard and so long on our boat, Maria, and training so hard, so long, with so much dedication and discipline, it's so enormously rewarding and mind-blowing that we met our goals! We thought that with a lot of trade winds we would stand a chance of becoming overall winners. Then the weather turned out to be different than expected but we were still able to maintain our first position and even expand our lead. That's when we thought 'we still got a shot at this' and we gave it all.

Thank you!

I would like to thank our sponsors. If it weren't for you, it all wouldn't have been possible. And to all who helped build our boat... All the hours of hard work paid off, thank you so so much! And to my dedicated team who made sure the operation was managed smoothly, took over my social media to keep everybody informed, made sure the donations kept on coming in and ran the campaign like clockwork. You rock!

And finally a special thank you to all participants of the Row4Cancer Roei Challenge:

Charmaine Overkleeft

Roland Hameeteman

Lucas Veldmaat > congrats on your PR on the NK Indoor Roeien mate!

Steward Guliker

Vincent Hoogerwerf

Iris Overdevest

Dirk Husselman

RowStudio Amsterdam > Thank you Benno for all the amazing ideas and effort you put into this. If it wasn't for Corona...

Kees Postma

Hannah Cotterell

Eline van Mierlo

Annemiek van Mierlo

Nico van Ravesteyn

We had something bigger in mind but then Corona disrupted our plans and roll out completely. We thank all die hards that kept on going, even in these challenging times. Borrowing ergs in the neighbourhood to be able to continue your challenge which you started in a gym. Or rowing 5k or 10k on the erg every day we were on the ocean. I mean, that's what I call commitment to the cause! Thank you all, knowing that you were rowing with us and helping us to raise money for our charity was highly motivating.

Just a day after we finished in Antigua, we raised our target amount of € 65.000 which is AWESOME! So a big thank you to all people who donated to our charity, children's cancer research!!

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