Before & After shots

Each Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge edition before & after photos are taken by Atlantic Campaigns. Here are ours:

Photo credits: Atlantic Campaigns

Remarkable what rowing the Atlantic does to a person: your eyes shine more bright and are more clear, you get a more energetic appearance and well, some tanning looks good on any person, right?

keeping busy in Antigua

Meanwhile we are having a great time on Antigua. We are quite busy to be honest. There are lots of interviews, photo shootings, welcoming other participants, arranging transportation of Maria, working out and of course some relaxation. Just to give you an impression, here are some photos.

Big contrast: an interview for Channel 4 in a fancy setting vs. a Whats app interview for Roei! Magazine sitting on the dock of a bay. Both great by the way! Photo credits: Bea Palant

Photo shoot for the race head sponsor, Talisker.

Maria cleaned and safely 'docked' in her container box.

Had a little swim (approximately 4,5 km) around the bay.

Followed by a great massage.

And of course had a outdoor bbq.

Yeah, it's as tough as it's looks :-).


In our preparation for the TWAC Kai and I trained at rowing club Rijnland. A group of members of the rowing club were inspired by our Atlantic crossing and set a challenge for themselves: 40 persons committed to rowing 5.000 km together during our crossing. This goal has been achieved: together they covered more than 5.000 km in these 32 days. And by doing so contributed to our charity. Awesome!

They gathered at rowing club Rijnland on January 16th to celebrate our finish and their success, To formally close their parallel race they rowed a victorious route on the water, which was recorded by a drone.

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