Big shout out to Rowstudio Amsterdam

Let me start by saying that we are very thankful for and highly motivated by all participants who will participate in our Row4Cancer ROEI CHALLENGE to help us raise money for children's cancer research (via the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation)!

We would like to give a special shout out to Benno den Teuling and his Rowstudio Amsterdam. He aims to row the same distance as we do (4.700 km), on ergs with all his clients and while doing so help us raise money for children's cancer research.

This promo below is shown at the beginning of each erg lesson, how cool is that!

On December 19th, he is organizing a special (coronaproof) event: they will row 16h in a row (from 7 until 23h). Two rowers at the time, who 'buy' their spot and raise money for our charity. All for raising money for our charity.

So cool!!

If, after reading the above, you have become enthusiastic and want to participate in the Row4Cancer ROEI CHALLENGE, sign up today via my homepage or at Rowstudio Amsterdam.

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