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A lot of people asked me how I prepare myself physically for the upcoming Atlantic crossing. Before I answer that question, let me start by telling that it's remarkable to see that my training has changed so much compared to the training for my first crossing. Now the key word is ENDURANCE. This means lots and lots of long training sessions while keeping my heartbeat low. By doing so, I feel so much fitter and more confident than when I first participated in the TWAC.

Photography: @evabloem

To answer the question, I train about 15 hours per week. Rowing (on the erg as well as on the water), cycling and fitness are the key ingredients. Four times per week I fitness. During my training sessions I train 70% on a low, stable heartbeat. The remaining 30% are reserved for interval training and a high heartbeat. Of course it also helps to have an active profession like mine. Carrying around heavy stuff all day is an amazing workout in itself 💪🏼.

Physical training requires persistence, motivation, determination, discipline and dedication. Add endurance to the list and you will be training yourself mentally as well. Challenging yourself mentally to keep on going, keep on pushing yourself. Your mental strength is even more important than your physical strength in these kinds of challenges. So don't forget to address this as well while preparing for any kind of undertaking. My motto 'Be stronger than your excuse!' fits in well with this.

Do you have more questions, I would love to hear from you! #AskMeAnything


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