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crazy times: Last week before we go to La Gomera! a lot of media coverage

By the end of this week Kai and myself will travel to La Gomera for our Atlantic Crossing. But before we do, there are still some final things we need to tackle, make sure we leave our businesses behind in the best shape and care possible and of course say our goodbyes to our family and friends. So as you can imagine, these are crazy times.

Got our team name on the boat, nice and big 😃. You like?

However hectic, we always have time for interviews. This week we had interviews with De Telegraaf, het Leidsch Dagblad and two radio interviews at RadioWest and an article at their website (also included, below the article of De Telegraaf).

Via the link below you can hear our first interview (and don't be fooled by the title of the interview, we will be rowing the Atlantic not sailing):


Below you can find the article from De Telegraaf. Unfortunately the resolution isn't at it's finest so I hope to get the article in better resolution and will replace it as soon as possible.

We also get a lot of response and good luck wishes on our social media accounts, which is highly motivating. So thank you all! We can't wait to get to La Gomera and start rowing :-).

In a separate news update I will inform you on the status of our charity fundraiser for the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation: the Row4Cancer Row Challenge, which we introduced Sunday a week ago.

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