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This morning the ocean rowing edition of Dutch magazine Roei! landed on my doormat. Thank you Jos Wassink for the interview Kai and I had with you and Eva for the amazing photo. For my English followers: at the bottom of this post I will summarize the content 👇🏼

Foto: Eva Bloem

So, take a cup of coffee and enjoy the article.

Our self built boat Maria is super fast. Compared to the ocean rowing boat (built by Rannoch Adventure) in which I crossed the Atlantic the first time I participated, Maria is in all circumstances 1 Knt faster. Being faster and reacting much more directly than a Rannoch, comes at the expense of stability. However, the ballast on board will make the boat more stable, so no worries there.

We will train a lot on Maria to get used to her and the life on board. When Maria is shipped to La Gomera, Kai and I will train on skiffs, row marathons on ergs and go to the gym for muscle building.

Our tactic will be to build the biggest head start in the first days. We will start with a rhythm of three hours of rowing and one hour of rest. We later adjust that rhythm to the amount of tailwind, with a stronger wind the breaks become a bit longer.

The rules on board are strict and the division of roles clear, but that should prevent us from getting annoyed by each other. "We have a common goal: to cross the Atlantic as fast as we can and break another world record."

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