Interview with the Dutch rowing federation

In less than two months our great adventure will take place. It is starting to get real now! Today the article of the interview I had with Esli de Kok of the Dutch Rowing Federation is online. Check it out:

Foto credit: Eva Bloem

In this article also the first communication about the 'sponsor-roei' we are organizing to raise money for our charity, the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation. We will row 5.000 km on the Atlantic Ocean, will you join us on the erg and raise money for our charity? We hope you will join us in the battle against cancer. More to come soon!

Also below some photos of our training session of this weekend. We had a ball!

This weekend we rowed 24h straight: 12 hours against the wind and 12 hours against the tide, a good 153 km in total. It felt great. We even had an amazing sunset.

It was the first night row for Kai and he did very well ;-). He even kept track of everything on his smartwatch.

Happy faces after finishing our 24h row and getting Maria on the trailer again. All systems ready: Maria is 100% ready, crew is definitely 200% ready. Can't wait to get out there again. Next weekend we will have a go at it once more, if the weather is okay.

The stats of our little enterprise. Burning calories like crazy! We had a large breakfast afterwards.

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