Q & A with team row4cancer - TWAC2020!

Updated: Jan 10

We get a lot of questions, so let's have a proper Q & A!

Photo credits: Atlantic Campaigns


How did you meet each other?

We met in @marina numansdorp in 2019, when I was in port there. I told Kai my plan to row the Atlantic again. This time in the pairs segment. A few days later Kai phoned me and told me he couldn’t stop thinking about this plan and so our collaboration and friendship began.

Marije.zijlmans / Tripeallday

Hoe zien jullie handen eruit?

My hands are okay. Due to the manual work which comes with my job as a constructor, my hands are used to hard work.


What is the smallest thing for which you are grateful?

The time when we are both on the oars at the start of every shift


What is the most frightening thing on the ocean? The animals? The darkness? The noises? The waves?

Nothing for me really :-). Kai was most afraid of probable injuries that might occur during the race, but he is confident we'll make it to the finish in one piece.


What gives the most ‘benefit/or not’ wind or current?

Always the wind but we have really light winds now and then the current becomes more important

Anitavandenbrink / Tripeallday

OK I wonder about a few things.. but how about your poop? @markslatsofficial know on your sailing boat you had a bucket, how about now?

The bucket again ;-)


Has mark seen any zombies trying to climb into the boat this time?

Not yet fortunately


Who’s gonna keep the watch you will be given when arriving 1st in Antigua?

We both are :-). @bremontwatches is so generous to reward each crew member from the overall winning team of TWAC this amazing watch.


How do the solar panels help you guys in this trip?

They supply power for lots of things including, but not limited to:

- Autohelm (automatic steering)

- Watermaker

- VHF radio

- Fixed sat comms system

- Mobile sat phone charger

- AIS (Automatic Identification System)

- GPS navigation system

- Stereo and speakers (very important)


Copper & Lumber Burger medium or well done?

Haha! Either way is okay, if you can have two meals and two Coca Colas per person ready, that would be awesome ;-)


Hebben jullie een soort onderlinge competitie wie de meeste mijlen maakt?

No, as a team we work towards a common goal and especially look at how we can go faster together

Ivo kraaier / Hans Rader

How many calories do you guys burn/eat per day and in what forms?

Burning around 10k to 12k a day and trying to eat around 10k but this is not easy. We eat 1,5k at the time. Per day we have 1 breakfast meal, 5 warm meals (sealed orange packs in the picture below), a snack pack with 10 – 14 candy bars (carefully selected), nuts, dried fruits and of course winegums!

Erikserge Blaauw

Will you row this challenge again?


Jeroen van der Knijff

How are the seats after modification?

Seat are great but the only problem is that I’m losing fat rapidly and it all seems to go away around my bum first

Anneke Claessens

Wat is het verschil tussen jullie boot maria en de boten in de raceclass?

Race class boats are like for like designs (all Rannoch boats) which compete against each other. This allows a fair competition where the deciding factor is the crew and the strategic choices they make. Maria is a newly designed boat, so her shape is different (did you notice for instance the dolphin nosed front?) and it’s made from carbon. A very strong but light material. And of course, she has the best name and number (10) in this race .

Leon Fox

Will you take passengers on the return trip? ;-)

Funny guy

Jan Peter Bos

Hoe houdt Maria zich?

Maria is doing really well in every way. There are some electronic things but the boat works great!

Maria de Rooij

Het verschil van het weer. Nu en de eerste keer.

The first time I participated we had much more favorable weather. This time it’s much tougher. Fortunately we are almost out of the woods, tomorrow there will be good winds again!

Petra Bosma

Waar kijk je het meeste naar uit als je straks van de grote plas af komt en wat ga je het meest missen?

Good food and simple things. You are completely back to basics here with zero luxury. For example, you will greatly appreciate a shower, a normal toilet and, for example, a refrigerator. What I'm going to miss is especially the fight against the elements in such remote places. Being completely dependent on yourself to get out of situations makes and shapes you as a person and you feel extremely proud

Is the nighttime mentally different than the daytime? In the first week the nights were the toughest. You’re still used to 8 hours of sleep at night. Now it differs a lot. Sometimes I am extremely tired at the beginning of a night shift and then end the shift with a lot of energy. Once I fell asleep while rowing smacking my head in the safety lines on the side 🤪. To answer the question. Every shift is different. Sometimes there is a sky full of stars and the temperature is nice and cool but then an hour later it rains and your soaked and grumpy. The unwanted change is the toughest to deal with.

Nico van Ravesteijn

Hoe is jullie roeitechniek, daar tussen die dwarsgolven, hebben jullie nog wat gehad aan onze roei-instructie op vlak water?

Yes the rowing courses have helped a lot, but as you can see it is different at sea and you have to anticipate differently on each stroke.

If you got any questions, please let us know!

And don't forget to donate to our important charity: children's cancer research! For more information about the specific project (chosen by the Medical Advice Board of the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation), click this link.

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The total amount we raised so far is € 47.225. We need to raise € 65.000 so we are not there yet!

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