Update from la Gomera

Thursday I arrived with Maria on La Gomera, after spending 2 days on a ferry from Cadiz to Tenerife. From there on it was a short ferry trip to La Gomera. It felt familiair to be back there, meet the Atlantic Campaigns team again and all fellow participants.

One of the fours immediately had some devious plans...

So I had to react of course 😁. Hilarious

We officially registered for the race and Maria got a beautiful 10 on her front sides now, so the signs are great ;-).

These days leading up to the start are always hectic: safety and communication checks, meetings, briefings, interviews, launching of the boats, training and mentally prepping, you name it. Below you see some photos of the last couple of days, to give you an impression.

Safety inspection on December 5th, which we passed with flying colors.

Then today (Sunday December 6th) it was launch day and Maria was put were she belongs: in the water.

But first things first... placing the rudder.

And then it is launch time...

Here she is, laying at the same spot as Miss Universe was last year. Miss Universe is the boat I built (under my other company Dutch Ocean Expeditions) for Gabi Schenkel, who participated last year (solo).

Fortunately there is also time for training and today we decided to go on a hike..

... picking it up a notch 💪🏼.

Tomorrow is starting at 9.00h with a briefing, followed by a comms check and an interview so let's call it a day.

I will try to give you weekly updates via my website. For more daily news please follow me on FB and/or IG: @markslatsofficial

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