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Today is day 5 at the Atlantic, we crossed the 300 Nm last night. We are really beginning to feel the rhythm of 2 hours on, 2 hours off rowing.

Photo credit: Eva Bloem fotografie

We had an amazing start, were pumped to start in high power mode. So we rowed, rowed and rowed some more. At day 2 we contacted our weather routing team (Dick Koopmans jr and John Schouten) and we were very pleased to hear we are leading the fleet! As you can understand this news was and still is highly motivating!

Of course we feel every muscle in our body, every body part, which was to be expected and our sleeping is messy. The first week on the ocean is always hard. Your body needs to understand that this is the new mode but before it surrenders, it puts up a fight. So, we need to be stronger than our excuses all the time! My team made sure we didn't forget that...

While earlier sleeping was more difficult, we now fall asleep when our heads touch our pillows. We wake up in the same position we fell asleep in. We are in survival mode. But fortunately last night both Kai and myself had a good night sleep... well sort of ;-)

Earlier the Northern waves were making our cores work overtime, as they rocked Maria in an uncomfortable side way. Fortunately we have better winds now, which makes it far more comfortable and the current is picking up.

Photo credit: Atlantic Campaigns

Maria is really doing an amazing job. She loves to surf the waves, adding each time a few knots to our speed. She turns out to be a great companion. It must be in the name. So proud my mom's spirit is with us. Very reassuring!

Only Kai was lucky enough to spot a shark and a school of dolphins during his shifts. I hope to spot some wildlife myself soon.

Did you see our stats update of today: the readings are from this morning. Tomorrow morning new readings will be posted on our stories on FB and IG.

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We understood that the Netherlands are in full lockdown now. It has it advantages to be on the ocean in these times ;-). Unfortunately the downside for our charity is that a lot of participants of the Row4Cancer Roei Challenge can't continu to row on ergs because gyms are closed as well. That's a big setback in our campaign to raise money for our charity. So, if you have a great idea to help us raise money for our charity in a Corona proof way, please reach out to us! You can email your idea to jointheadventure@markslats.nl or start your own campaign straightaway through this link: https://row4cancer.mvdwfoundation.nl/start-je-eigen-actie

We are pleased to see donation are coming in, thank you so much if you donated already! As you can see we are still far away from our target amount of € 65.000, so please help us raising money for our important charity: children's cancer research!

> https://row4cancer.mvdwfoundation.nl/doneren

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