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video - Only one month until the start of our Atlantic adventure

Only one month away from starting our Atlantic adventure 🔥. We are ready, Maria is ready... It's getting real now for sure. During our row we will be pushing our limits, making the impossible possible. When we'll hit a low we will think about all people who have cancer and who can't stop their treatment if they are not feeling well due to that treatment. This will motivate us to keep on going as well and be stronger than our excuses! 💪🏼

By rowing the Atlantic ocean we will raise money for the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation and particularly for children's cancer research. Because nobody deserves to get this awful disease, but certainly not children!

The target amount is € 65.000. We hope you will be generous in your donations and/or join us in the Row4Cancer row challenge on ergometers. Next week we will launch our donation platform, for donations and more information about the Row4Cancer row challenge. The first registration is a fact, hopefully a lot of you will follow this example!

Got any questions for us? Drop us a message, would love to hear from you.

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