Inspirational Speaker


“It’s in my nature

to motivate and

inspire people”

Inspirational and motivational speaker at your event. 

Motivating and inspiring others is in my nature. ‘If you keep thinking about it, it won’t happen. Stop dreaming about it and just do it!’ I am a frequently asked speaker at company seminars and team building events.

I take my audience with me in my stories about my journeys and adventures. I show that everything is possible when you are in the driver seat of your own dreams, creating your own possibilities. Don't let fear, what if's, uncertainties or bad weather of any kind stop you. A positive mindset is all you need.

During one of my sailing trips near the Canary Islands I saw an ocean rower and realized that one day I wanted to cross the ocean simply rowing. In October 2016 I started training (I never rowed before) and in January 2018 I crushed the world record by 19 days. A remarkable achievement, mentally and physically. The evidence that when you have set goals you can reach them by hard work, focus and determination. This is the one of the messages I want to get across during my presentations.

When I give my inspirational talks at companies, I always look at similarities in challenges you might encounter in your daily business and what unites our worlds. I tell you about important principles such as staying positive, especially in difficult times, setting goals and never giving up. This applies to adventurers like myself but also to companies.  

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